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true fire's jump blues

Matthieu Brandt’s 50 Jump Blues Licks is exactly what you need if you want to get that cool jazzy ‘Jump’ blues sound, without wasting time anywhere else or going after it piece-meal.
Everything you need to become a real-life player of this special genre is right here: what scale to use; the chops you use; how to apply the chops in various areas of the guitar neck (in fact, linking them end-to-end covers all the useable notes of a wide expanse of the neck vertically, and fills it up horizontally); and whatever theory you might need (not too much, really; it is after all playable blues, but Matthieu gives you the skinny on what is going on with the pertinent notes in the chops vis-à-vis the chord it is interacting with). In addition extra applications are provided for extending the basic forms and special situations. He gives you some good turn-arounds, too.
You will be a playing ‘expert’ in no time at all with Matthieu’s masterful course. He has a dry wit and is seriously funny too, on a couple of occasions.