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Stage Performance

Perhaps your dream is to become a stage performer. We have the experience to guide you towards your goal and to improve your value and presence as a top level performer.



Perhaps you prefer to work towards events performance. We can easily help you become a successful achiever and master the art of venues.

Personal Branding

Your Music is not the only product that you will be marketing; the Musician himself/herself is the most important ingredient.Whether you plan to go ‘indie’ or look towards a recording contract, your Personal Branding is essential. We’ve been there: we can help.


Honor Your Muse

Talent is a precious gift. But you can’t afford to waste it. Honor your Muse by giving it the very best in training and experience. Don’t let life pass you by!

                           Music is Life


We've Learned A Few Things

Over the Years


Stage lights

Performing Live is a real adventure. There’s nothing quite like it because everything you do on a stage in front of people seems amplified…and I don’t mean through the PA.

Every emotion and every tiny thought become exaggerated to the point that you feel magnetically transparent. It takes a while to get used to these conditions and learn to operate functionally. We’ve been there, too and we can certainly help.

If you or your band is planning on going into the studio (or trying to self-record your album or demo), there are definitely some things you may want to know beforehand. Studio Coaching can help you get a better recording, cleaner parts, and get the job done in less time than an ad hoc attempt. Check us out before you go!
After the recording, we can help with Marketing and Distribution. We've been there; we can help.
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 We offer the best, most advanced, cutting-edge method of modern guitar instruction available anywhere, coast to coast, period.

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