Honor Your Muse

The Note Matrix

There are about a hundred and eight different choices for notes that you can easily get to when playing the guitar (more or less, depending) and they are arranged on a grid like graph-paper. But a matrix of bulk notes is hard for the mind to grasp.

Knowing how they are arranged and what the patterns are is essential if you are ever going to understand what is going on with the instrument. Deprived of this secret, your playing will gravitate to a handful of old tired cliches and you will not unlock the full joy of being a guitarist. Treat yourself to the knowledge you always wanted and learn how to master the instrument with an old pro as your guide.

What to look forward to…

Music is a personal experience and everyone has their unique and individual strengths (and rough-spots). Whatever you are keenly interested in will be your best area. You can learn Jazz, Gospel, Improv, Theory, Licks, Songwriting… the possibilities are endless.

I utilize the most modern ‘west-coast’ methodology in my lessons, affording you maximum proficiency in your studies. I’m also professional and very courteous. You may contact me for Premium lessons using the ‘Contact Us’ page on this blog. All genuine inquiries are welcome.

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